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Alpha Battery 2nd/80th FA 3rd PLT Fort Sill, OK 10-9-89

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Found this old but goody lol of me my Platoon in BT in 1989.

My Class arrived Oct 1oth and and graduated on Dec 14th 1989. When we arrived we met a hand full of Pvt's who were medical holdovers while they recovered from a incident in Sept 1989 below brief description of what happened. Drill Sgt Jones, Davis and Cook were involved that day and their actions saved lives.

In Sept the Platoon was involved in a incident, the platoon was at the BRM range (SPOTS range) when it was struck by a round from an M105. 23 people were injured, two were killed at the scene, and one drill sergeant died about a year later. The round was over-charged (too many powder bags) and went 2.5 miles further then it should have, landing in the training area. The platoon guide at the time (a prior service Navy Seal who was cross-training into the Army) was actually struck by the round. He had just called "fall-in" and we were all heading for the formation when the round hit him & exploded next to the base of a tree (spraying everyone There is is a long thread about the incident at

A Btry. 2/80 FA Ft. Sill, OK (Basic Training) Accident September ...

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