Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Susan Collins (R) Maine Co-Sponsors Cold War Medal Bill

Press Realease:

April 13, 2007

Washington, DC -

U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that they are reintroducing bipartisan legislation in the Senate to establish a military service medal to honor Cold War Veterans. The Cold War Medal Act of 2007 honors those veterans who fought for our freedom and served their nation admirably during the Cold War.

“I am pleased to be an original cosponsor of this legislation to honor the members of our Armed Forces who served honorably during the Cold War,” said Senator Collins. “Throughout our nation’s history, the heroes who wear the uniforms of the American Armed Forces put the comforts of civilian life aside to advance the cause of freedom. The veterans of the Cold War did their duty with honor and distinction. The Cold War Medal would be an appropriate means of expressing our gratitude for their devotion and sacrifice.”

“It is important that we not forget those who served during the Cold War, a decades long struggle in which the forces of freedom eventually triumphed. Our victory in the Cold War was made possible by the willingness of millions of Americans in uniform to stand prepared against the threat from behind the Iron Curtain. Our victory in the Cold War was a tremendous accomplishment and the men and women who served during that time deserve to be recognized,” said Senator Clinton.

Specifically, the legislation would authorize the Secretary of Defense to issue a service medal, to be known as the Cold War Service Medal, to those who performed active duty or inactive duty training as an enlisted member or commissioned officer during the Cold War. For the purpose of the Act, the Cold War would be determined as the period beginning on September 2, 1945 and ending December 26, 1991.

Similar legislation was also introduced today in the House of Representatives by Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ).