Saturday, May 26, 2007

American Legion Defends Religious Symbols on Veterans' Memorials

WASHINGTON (AP) -- This Memorial Day weekend, religious liberty groups are uniting with the American Legion to defend veterans memorials that include religious symbols.

The Alliance Defense Fund's Joseph Infranco says memorials that feature a cross or star of David honor "the faith and courage of veterans who paid the ultimate price to protect our freedoms."

The ADF and the Liberty Legal Institute are offering free legal help to government entities that are threatened with lawsuits over such memorials.

Former American Legion National Commander Thomas Bock says taxpayers shouldn't have to pay legal fees to groups whose lawsuits strip religious symbols from veterans memorials.

Infranco says Congress should pass a bill that bars the awarding of attorneys fees when the plaintiffs' only claim to harm is that they felt offended by viewing religious symbols.

Sacramento News 10 and AP