Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cold War veterans served, too

From David O'Gorman

Mountain Home:

In response to Mr. William McElrath and Mr. Jerald Terwilliger's letters of Nov. 11, and to Mr. Paul Riegle's letter of Nov. 13 regarding "Cold War Vets." I, too, tried to join the VFW and the American Legion and was denied membership because my service was not during a certain period of time. I served on the USS Haas and the USS Ticonderoga here in the states and the Western Pacific from 1956 to 1960, yet I'm not eligible to join these service organizations.

It seems to me that these organizations could benefit greatly with our membership. Nov. 11 is Veterans Day in recognition of all veterans who served our country. Our congressmen in Washington have introduced a bill which will create May 1 as "Cold War Veterans Day." No comment.

So, next Veterans Day let's remember all who served to keep all Americans safe and strong.


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