Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Dear Sean,

See firsthand the amazing work DAV is accomplishing with support from HP!

Support DAV today!

Learn more about Harley's Heroes and its service to veterans.
The DAV's Mobile Service Offices (MSOs) are taking vital assistance on the road for disabled vets! In 2009, we traveled over 114,056 miles to reach out to over 18,647 vets all over the country.

Harley-Davidson and Hewlett Packard (HP) are showing the same inspiring drive you show each time you make a gift to the DAV.

Harley-Davidson Foundation's million-dollar gift continues its loyal support of the DAV MSO program, which carries critical education and claims assistance to disabled vets across the country.

HP's generosity outfits these mobile offices with wireless notebooks, making it possible for DAV National Service Officers to help those veterans who may not otherwise have the opportunity to seek assistance.

So we invite you to invest in the future of our nation's disabled veterans, along with Harley-Davidson and HP and keep our programs running year after year.

The DAV's Mobile Service Offices travel hundreds of thousands of miles each year to reach out to tens of thousands of vets all over the country.

Like Harley-Davidson and HP, will you continue to be a partner to these veterans and give $45 ... $60 ... $75 or more to DAV now?

With gratitude,
Arthur H. Wilson, National Adjutant
Disabled American Veterans

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