Friday, January 28, 2011

Join DAV Commanders Club

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Dear Sean,

Gene Thanks You
for Your Kindness!
Gene Murphy
In a wheelchair since Vietnam, Gene knows how your Commanders Club gift of $15, $25, $50 or $75 will change lives.
Support DAV today!
More troops are going to war. Combat grows more intense as the enemy prepares for "the fighting season" this spring. Every day sees an increase in the ranks of disabled veterans who urgently need the free services you provide each time you make a gift to the DAV.

Commanders Club That's why we are honoring your commitment to America's 2.9 million disabled veterans!

That's why we would like to recognize you as one of our top supporters and invite you to join the Commanders Club.

Membership in the Commanders Club marks you as one who chooses not to look away from our disabled veterans. It's a shame, but almost 97% of Americans turn aside when we ask for help.

Our nation's sick and injured heroes count on you, Sean.

Without ongoing support from friends like you, we couldn't reach out to the wounded heroes who have earned and deserve our help. Essential programs would grind to a halt, in fact.

Now is the moment to choose which Commanders Club Leader Level you want beside your name. Make your 2011 Commanders Club Commitment:
  • Diamond Leader Level—$75
  • Gold Leader Level—$50
  • Silver Leader Level—$25
  • Bronze Leader Level—$15
Saluting Your Loyalty in 2011!
Arthur H. Wilson,
Disabled American Veterans