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Bills Provide Additional Entitlements; Senator Reminds Residents to Be Mindful of Memorial Day



Queens, NY, May 26, 2011NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. (D-Queens), ranking member of the Senate's Veterans, Homeland Security & Military Affairs Committee, today announced the passage of several bills before the New York State Senate in honor of all the brave men and women who decided to protect and serve the United States during non-combat and combat instances. The ten bills, comprising the Senate's Active List for Wednesday, May 25th, would build upon the Senate's ongoing commitment to increased recognition and respect for veterans and their families. Addabbo voted in favor of all the veteran military bills, including a bill (S.2497) that would require the executive director of the office of real property services to create a list of documents in support of a veteran's eligibility when applying for real property tax exemptions. The proposed law would make it easier for veterans to apply for real property tax exemptions. With the exception of S.656, all bills now await passage by the Assembly before going to Governor Andrew A. Cuomo for signature.  The ten bills included:


Bill S.2497, cited above.


Bill S.656, authorizing the Department of Environmental Conservation to designate additional fishing events as rehabilitation for armed forces veterans or active members with need for veterans or active duty members to obtain fishing licenses.


Bill S.3192, establishing a mechanism for parents or guardians who find themselves deployed for short term military service to appoint a short term military guardian for their child or children during service.


Bill S.3222, permitting municipalities to enact a local law to grant additional combat veteran exemptions to persons not discharged from their subsequent service.


Bill S.5337, prohibiting the unauthorized use of the names and images of members of the armed forces or organized militia of New York.


Bill S.3228, preventing the court from using deployment and military status as a detrimental factor in determining custody.


Bill S.193, allowing honorably discharged veterans certified as having a 40% or greater service-connected disability to purchase a lifetime sportsman license for a twenty dollar fee.


Bill S.824, providing qualified veterans with a certified disability access by a float plane to appropriate lands under the Department of Environmental Conservation's jurisdiction.


Bill S.4569, which extends two previous military law sections, allowing for rental of armories for non-military use when available and transporting monies from those armory rentals back into the armories state wide to cover operating costs.


Bill S.3684, amending the definition of naval militia to conform with federal law and legally recognize the naval militia as the naval forces of the state of New York.


Senator Addabbo stated, "As we approach Memorial Day, the Senate is doing its part to honor veterans and remain mindful of their service to our country. Since the 19th century, the United States has honored the legacies of these brave individuals and proclaimed Memorial Day to be a significant day to acknowledge those that did not make it home."  Addabbo noted by advancing these bills, the legislature would ensure military-family privacies, the entitlement of additional benefits, an expansion of recreational activities with fewer restrictions, and support in custodial matters. 


"New York was the first state to recognize Memorial Day in 1873, and today as we remain mindful of those veterans who have left us, we cannot forget our current service men and woman who have served, are serving, and who have provided countless hours of service to defend our freedoms," concluded Addabbo.


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