Wednesday, June 22, 2011

West LA VA Medical Center Finalizes Plans for Modernization

Expands Homeless Program, Building Renovation, Inpatient Care

LOS ANGELES (June 22, 2011) - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (GLA) posted the Master Plan for
the West Los Angeles (WLA) campus, which includes plans to expand the
homeless program by renovating buildings on the historic campus.

"Secretary Shinseki is committed to ending Veteran homelessness in Los
Angeles and throughout the country by 2015. Though much work remains, VA
has made significant progress to reduce homelessness over the past two
years under his leadership," said GLA Director Donna M. Beiter, RN, MSN.
"This Master Plan builds on VA's progress to end Veteran homelessness
and ensures that land use at West Los Angeles will continue to put the
needs of Veterans first - now and into the future. The West Los Angeles
campus is a sacred and peaceful place for Veterans to heal, and VA is
committed to ensuring Veterans and their families receive the care and
benefits they have earned."

The WLA Master Plan, introduced for public comment in January 2011,
outlines potential modernization projects that provide direct benefit
for Veterans through VA programs and services on the WLA campus.  The
plan calls for an expansion of GLA's homeless program through the
renovation of Buildings 205, 208, and 209. This renovation will create
additional opportunities for long-term therapeutic and supportive
homeless programs at the WLA campus focusing on the most chronically
homeless disabled Veterans.

Other projects under consideration as funds become available include:
constructing a new inpatient tower (clinical expansion), centralizing
research activities and locating them adjacent to the clinical area,
expanding the Los Angeles National Cemetery onto the WLA campus and
collocating the VA regional office onto WLA grounds, offering Veterans
comprehensive services in one location.

Under the Master Plan, as each existing land use agreement expires,
renewal will be determined based upon the priorities and guiding
principles established in the Master Plan. This plan ensures that all
future proposed land use will be evaluated based on three critical
priorities: direct benefit to Veterans, fulfillment of VA's mission, and
compatibility with the community.

The Master Plan will be available for public viewing Wednesday at <> .

To view the Final Notice available Wednesday visit:

The Master Plan will be published in the Federal Register Thursday at

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the VA GLA Public
Affairs Office at             (310) 268-3340      .