Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Re: Work For Us In Your Area.


Welcome to Tata Steel, One of the ten best Indian source for quality Steel.
You can visit our website for more information about us and placing orders.

We are experiencing enormous challenges in attending promptly to our 
customers due to increased demands from America and Europe which we have not been 
able to process competently since we do not have offices there.
Hence, We decided to employ Contract home employees (Telecommuters) to help us 
in this regard in processing payments. You are  not involved in any sales, you 
will also serve as a Tata Steel  representative in your Country and as such 
you would be in charge for the payments coming from customers who owe us in your region.

*You will earn an enviable monthly salary of $4,000.
*You will work for a little less than 15hrs a week.
*A 5% commission on every payment you process.

Should you be interested in taking up this job position send a reply containing 
the following information to our Head of human resources department
Thomas Raji.

Full Names:
Contact Address(P.O. Box not allowed):
City/State/Zip Code:
Home/Cell Phone Numbers:
Email Address:
Marital Status:
Present Occupation:

We shall get back to you after receiving your information to confirm if you qualify for a placement in our company.

Khan Rabat.
Tata Steel India.

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