Friday, March 22, 2013

40,000 and Counting


Four days ago, my six-week-old son flew from San Francisco to DC to join me and dozens of other veterans from across the country in fighting to end the VA disability benefits backlog. Meet the tiniest member of Storm the Hill:

Baby Asa

Thanks to you, a lot has happened since we got to Washington on Sunday.

You joined 23 members of Congress (including the Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, Rep. Jeff Miller from Florida!) and 40,000 Americans when you signed our petition calling on President Obama to end the VA backlog.

With our message, we reached over 128 members of Congress. We met with the VA and the DoD. We rallied on Capitol Hill and asked Washington to get on board with our mission. And we sat in the Roosevelt Room at the White House with President Obama's Chief of Staff to represent the other 2.5 million new vets that couldn't be there with us.

Zach from Indianapolis was on CNN, Tyler from Kansas was on Fox News, John Wypyzinski was on NBC Nightly News last night!

NBC Nightly News

I know I speak for the other 2.5 million new vets when I say we won't stop fighting until the backlog is at zero.

Thank you for joining us. This week was just the beginning.


Ann Weeby
U.S. Army

P.S. If you can, give a few bucks today so we don't run out of beans and bullets for the fight ahead. Thanks again!



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