Thursday, September 12, 2013

DAV message on 9-11-13

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The Legacy of 9/11
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Since 9/11, a whole new generation has sacrificed so much to defend our nation and our freedoms. 

Dear Sean,

Today marks twelve years since a horrific terrorist attack shook Americans to the core, provoking fear and heartbreak, and shattering our sense of security. 

But there were two things the enemy didn’t count on, Sean:

  • The resolve of the American people.
  • And the will of our troops to defend this great country!

Many young men and women who are now DAV members were kids when the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq broke out.

I’m proud of what DAV has done for their generation, and I’m extremely grateful to you, Sean!

Your involvement in DAV not only supports our mission to these and all of our veterans; it makes a strong statement to America. 

As a Gulf War veteran, I can only praise the veterans of prior wars who worked to ensure respect for those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq! Our Vietnam veterans have been most steadfast ― determined to prevent a repetition of what happened to them!

Let me close by asking a favor, one that we heard promoted so often in the years right after 9/11. Will you Support Our Troops by reminding others in Jamestown that American service members still face danger in Afghanistan? 

DAV action ― action by DAV members like you, Sean ― is crucial, because the memory of our fellow Americans can be so short. I’m so grateful I can count on your help. 

Honoring Our Brothers and Sisters!

Marc Burgess

J. Marc Burgess
DAV National Adjutant/CEO





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