Monday, May 26, 2014

DAV Message for Memorial Day

For folks like you and me, for whom Memorial Day is deeply personal, it's a somber — and often difficult — time, filled with sorrow and remembrance.

But as you try to find just the right way to mark this Memorial Day, let me say to you, from my own heart to yours, Sean:

Thank you for your service, your sacrifice,
and your proud membership in DAV.

There are so many ways you touch the lives of your fellow veterans through DAV — and today I want to give you another chance to make a difference as you send an e-card to a veteran you'd like to honor.

We can't bring back our fallen, but we can make life better for others like us, who served and sacrificed. Sometimes that starts with a simple message of gratitude and care.

That care and concern for your fellow veterans is at the heart of everything you do through DAV, and it's why I send you my thanks this Memorial Day, Sean.

As a DAV member, you help empower all veterans to live lives of meaning and purpose. You restore lost dignity and help those who are hurting to find freedom from pain.

I can't imagine anything more important.

Your loyalty and friendship is a comfort and consolation to me, Sean. I hope you'll share that gift as you send an e-card to a veteran who's in your thoughts today.

Saluting Your Service!

Marc Burgess

J. Marc Burgess
DAV National Adjutant/CEO



 Sean Eagan

 Life Member VFW NY Post 53
 American Cold War Veterans, Inc.
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Phone:  716 720-4000 
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