Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Must Read Milblog from Gold Star Spouse :"Not Your Average Widow"

"Not Your Average Widow" is truly an amazing, must read blog.
Erin Berky, is a Gold Star Spouse whose husband was an elite EOD technician killed in action while serving in Afghanistan in September 2009.
11 months after his death, Erin started a blog.
On her "About Page", Erin writes:
Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm Erin and I'm a 27 year old mommy, photographer…and widow.
Life changed forever on September 12, 2009 when my husband, an EOD Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force, was killed in action in Afghanistan. Our life was storybook happiness; we were childhood best friends, happily married for 6 years, new parents to a beautiful 8 month old boy, and had just built our first home. We were 'there', we were living our dream. And then in an instant, it was shattered when my husband was taken from this world too soon.Now I'm left in the wake our tragedy, picking up the pieces and trying to build the best life for our son, a life that will honor the sacrifice made by our hero and make him proud .
I've created this blog as an outlet, a place to record the good and the bad. Through the words of these pages, I'm creating an avenue of release and inspiration, and encouraging myself to see the beauty in life again…and feel comfortable expressing the not-so-beautiful moments. And above all, I'm sharing my experience in hopes that I can encourage someone else going through this crazy, uncertain, roller-coaster ride of a journey as a young widow.
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