Thursday, February 02, 2012

Washington Post Obit: Comment on the late Mr. Snyder and Lee Harvey Oswald

I wish to comment on the late Mr. Snyder and Lee Harvey Oswald,
specifically to discuss the strange circumstances of Oswald's return to the US.
Speaking as a former Marine who himself worked in classified billets, there is much here
to be suspicious about.

Oswald was serving in the Marines between 1957 and 1959, at the height of extreme US- Soviet
tensions during the Cold War, and  he had access to a great deal of classified information concerning the
height finding radars he operated while assigned to MCAS-1at  Atsugi, Japan, which, interestingly, also
controlled U-2 flights over much of Asia.

What has always struck me as suspicious is that at this very period of extreme tension and animosity
between the USSR and the US, a known defector was allowed to return to America after residing in
the sovereign territory of a hostile power, with a wife who was a citizen of  said power, without even
being arrested and taken into custody when he stepped on the pier.

At a bare minimum, this in and of itself is very suspicious.
For those like myself who were alive at the time, this was a period of intense anti-Communist hysteria,
where people were being blacklisted from employment if they had even a whiff of left politics in their
background. Had I myself done anything like Oswald's actions, I would to this day be cooling my heels
in a Federal Penitentiary.

Like so much related to the assassination of our 35th President, there is much here that goes against reality
and our common sense.

Thanks as always for your daily postings.

John F. Davies

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