Monday, June 04, 2012

Chairman's Blog: NDAA 2013-No Cold War Medal

It now appears that Congress in it's great wisdom has ignored Cold War Veterans completely this year.

In the last few years a provision to create a Cold War Service Medal has been written into the National
Defense Authorization in either the Senate or House version, only to be deleted during the House/Senate conference meetings.

Now this year we have the NDAA 2013, Senate version S. 2467 and the House version H.R. 4310, and neither one has a provision for a Cold War Medal.

Is the Department of Defense to blame? We know that in the past DOD objected quite strongly
to the medal, for reasons that we all know are false and misleading.

Is Congress afraid to offend someone by authorizing a Cold War Medal? Has Congress just decided
that Cold War Vets are not important and do not count as voters?

We now ask that everyone contact their Senators and Representatives asking them to offer an
amendment to the NDAA to authorize a Cold War Service Medal. It is a long shot but might
possibly work.

Of course there are still the two "stand alone" bills that are still stuck in their respective Armed
Services Committee, Senate S.402 and House H.R. 1968 contact your Senators and Representatives
asking them to become cosponsors of these bills. If you use the link for POPVOX on the right, by
entering your email, name and zip code; putting in your comment it will be delivered to you elected
officials. It will also be posted on the POPVOX website for others to read(this will not show any
personal information-just you district).

Also contact members of both the House and Senate Armed Services Committee and ask them to
have the bill passed through committee to a full floor vote.

You can also reach your elected officials at enter your zip code and you will be
directed to a page listing all of your officials. Click on the name and send them a letter, it will be
delivered to them.

You might also send a letter to President Obama asking him for an Executive Order creating a
Cold War Service Medal, and remind him of his remarks during his campaign in which he
at least twice said that a Cold War Victory Medal was deserved.

---- Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman American Cold War Veterans

Sean P Eagan

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