Friday, July 06, 2012

My HealtheVet Users Secure Messaging Now Available to your Healthcare Proivoders

As an upgraded My HealtheVet user, Erie VA Medical Center would like to invite you to begin using a new feature called Secure Messaging, which allows you to communicate electronically with your VA health care team, and select specialty care teams online. 
Here's how to begin using Secure Messaging:
  1. Sign into My HealtheVet at
If you do not remember your My HealtheVet username and password, use the "Forgot User ID?" and "Forgot Password?" links in the Member Login box.
  1. OPT-IN
Once you have signed in, click on the red "SECURE MESSAGING" tab at the top of the screen.  Then, click on the orange "Open Secure Messaging" button.  You will be asked to read and review the terms and conditions.  Select "OPT-IN" to the terms and conditions.  ("Opt-out" means you do not wish to participate).
  1. Send a Secure Message
Agreeing to the terms and conditions of this feature will take you to your Secure Messaging Inbox, where you will be able to communicate with your provider if he or she is currently using Secure Messaging.  Click on the "New Message" blue button on the left hand side of the screen to create a new message.  Click on the "To" dropdown box to choose what team you would like to message. 
  1. Set Your Preferences
On the right hand corner of Secure Message screen select the "Preferences" link to open your Preferences page.  Under the New Message Notification section, enter your email address so you can receive notifications of new secure messages in your My HealtheVet account.  Hit the apply button once you have made the changes. 
  1. Set up is complete!  Congratulations. 

  1. Secure Messaging should only be used to communicate non-urgent, health-related questions, comments or concerns with your health care team.  Each team has three business days to address your message.
If you have any questions, please call me at  814-860-2097 .  Please do not respond to this email message.  You can use the Secure Messaging MHV Customer Service team if you have a question about My HealtheVet.  Thank you!
Sarah Gudgeon
My HealtheVet Coordinator
Erie VA Medical Center

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