Tuesday, January 08, 2013

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2013 VA Disability Compensation Rates Increase
& Free Tax Preparation Services and Software 
Jan. 8, 2013
Dear Sean,

If you are receiving VA Service-connected Disability Compensation, you may have noticed a small increase in your monthly payments last month. If you didn't notice it, then go check your last check or your bank statement. You should have received a small increase this month. We have a breakdown of all the VA Compensation rates in this article: VA Service-Connected Disability Compensation Rates.

Free Tax Preparation for Military Members

It's that time again - tax time! There have been quite a few changes to our tax code this year. If you think you will need a little help, then we have this great resource for you. Learn how active military members, Guard/Reserve, retirees, and their dependents can get free tax preparation on base. Or, if you are the type of person who prefers to do it yourself, we have a list of free and discounted tax preparation software programs, including the new TurboTax Military Edition, which was specifically designed for military members. Learn how to prepare your taxes for free!

VA Loan Benefits - Take Advantage Now!

Now may be a great time to look into a VA loan refinance. Interest rates are the lowest they have been in decades, making this a good time to refinance (my wife and I refinanced our VA Loan a few months ago and will save thousands of dollars over the course of our loan). The good news is a rate quote is fast, easy, free, and there is no obligation. Check out current VA Loan Rates.

Thank you for reading our newsletter, and more importantly, thank you for your service! 


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