Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The VFW Mane Event

Dear Sean,

People are STILL talking about Troy Polamalu's plans to cut his famous hair!

Hundreds of news outlets continue to run stories about his efforts to help raise awareness of the issues our veterans face and to support the ongoing work of the VFW, including USA TodayHuffington Post and CNN!

USA Today Feature

But it's not all talk.

  • More than 300 people have accepted the challenge and set up a fundraising page to help support the VFW Mane Event.
  • Head & Shoulders, the official shampoo of the National Football League (NFL), and Sport Clips, Official Haircutter of the VFW, both recently came on board as official supporters of the VFW Mane Event.
  • Thousands of fans have taken to social media to show their support, including Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates!

One other major update: Polamalu has offered a chance to win an invitation to the haircutting ceremony at Heinz Field, home stadium of the Pittsburgh Steelers, to anyone who makes a donation to the VFW Mane Event between now and November 1. 

Are you in? Veterans Day is just around the corner and our veterans need your help. There's still time for you to take part. Pledge to cut your hair. Or, dare friends and family to cut theirs. Help spread the word to ensure the groundswell of support for the VFW Mane Event continues to grow! 



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