Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cold War Veterans Blog Hall of Shame
This New Feature will Highlight Bureaucrats Who Have Done Harm to American Veterans 

This is The Inaugural Class

Enemies of All Veterans
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Jim Nicholson is the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

He is a political appointee who is even less qualified to head the VA
then Browning was to head FEMA. Make no mistake about it, Nicholson
believes VA Benefits are Welfare and that Veterans do not deserve
benefits. He is behind the recent review of all P.T.S.D. cases and
although he will eagerly "investigate" any issue, no matter how
frivolous, that can be used as an excuse to take benefits from Veterans.

Yet he has refused to respond to any of our numerous, well documented,
complaints about Veterans being victims of VA Corruption.

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Steve Buyer is Chairman of the House VA Committee. Like Nicholson he
harbors a strong belief that Disabled Veterans are bums, and that the VA
Benefits they earned are a form of welfare. Buyer is also a political
appointee and will go to any extreme to do away with Veteran Benefits.

These two politicians are as Anti-American, and Anti-Veteran, as it
gets. We can expect the massive corruption in the VA to continue under
their FEMA-Like leadership.

Veterans need to UNITE and use their vote to get rid of this kind of
trash in our government.

Veterans for Justice