Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Message from General Wes Clark

Gen. Clark's My Space added the Cold War Service Medal Page a while back and he sent out a bulletin that is worth reading and watching. I respect his opinion and thought I would share the bulletin with you all in the blogosphere that are not on Gen. Clark's friend list(sorry guys I admit it I love Myspace lol). Well here it is.


That is what worries me. With every passing day that the administration won't talk to Iran, we come closer to an Iranian nuclear weapon, and the time at which the decision must be made whether or not the administration will use its military option.

In today's video blog, Jon Soltz, chairman of, and I discuss the serious consequences of using military force against Iran--the impact on our men and women in uniform, U.S. influence in the region, and the stability of the Middle East.

The Bush Administration may refuse to have direct talks with Iran, but we cannot remain silent.

An attack on Iran will put additional strain on our already overextended military. It could well affect the United States' ability to extricate our forces from Iraq, as our troops will likely face even more attacks on the ground. And there will be potential for hostilities on American embassies abroad, a hike in oil prices, and an increased likelihood of terrorist attacks wherever Hizballah has active cells. You just don't know, and quite frankly, I don't want us to find out.

I need you to stand with me today.

Make your voice heard. Tell George W. Bush war with Iran is not the answer. Visit and sign the petition today!

Then be sure to watch our latest video blog.

Your efforts are having an impact. The media is starting to pay attention. Democratic leaders in Washington are starting to act. But we can't rest now. We cannot remain silent.