Monday, March 19, 2007

March on Pentagon Protest and Counter Protest

One of My old Army buddies was in DC this weekend sent me this video of thousands of American Exercising there rights. No matter how you feel about the War its good to see both sides out there making their free speech count.

One personal note My Nephew called home this weekend from Fort Hood a guy in his outfit found out they were extending him past his enlistment and that he had to deploy to Iraq next time the unit is due to deploy. Unfortunately the young man jumped from the third floor of the billets and they say he is brain dead. It just makes me think where is the shared sacrifice in this country right now if these guys are being pushed past there signed for obligation and the Army has resorted to the stop loss program with these guys for a year and beyond at a time then I think it is time for a draft don't you. You will not hear about the these kids committing suicide on the News I bet but its happening what the hell if we are going to fight this war lets draft some folks who have not done two or three tours in Iraq send 300,000 or more troops and get the job done and if we are not willing to do that it is time to withdraw.