Monday, April 14, 2008

IAVA Bulletin

Dear Sean,

Thanks to your continued support, the new GI Bill has made some amazing progress in Congress in the last 48 hours. The Bill now has over 50 co-sponsors in the Senate and 188 in the House of Representatives. We are working hard to get it passed this year so our troops can start getting the benefits they deserve as soon as possible.

Today, IAVA ran ads in newspapers across the country, targeting influential Congressmen- both Democrats and Republicans- who haven't yet signed on. We've also launched a new website that will make it even easier for you to get involved in supporting the new GI Bill, at

At, you can get the latest updates on the progress of the Bill, see if your representatives have signed on and visit the Action Center. With a single click, you can submit a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper, write your Senator or Congressman and tell your friends that you support the new GI Bill.

Forward this email on to your friends and let them know just how easy it is to support the new GI Bill. Be sure to check back at for updates.

Thank you for your support.
Paul Rieckhoff
Iraq Veteran
Executive Director
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America