Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News From Senator Martinez Casework Corner

*Charles Hurley is a Korean-war veteran living in an assisted-living facility. In December 2006, he submitted an application with the Veteran’s Administration (VA) for a non-service connected pension. Unable to get a response from the VA, Mr. Hurley contacted the Office of Senator Martinez for assistance.

A caseworker contacted the VA on Mr. Hurley’s behalf to determine the status of his application. The caseworker was notified promptly that his application was recently approved and Mr. Hurley would begin receiving a monthly pension. In addition, Mr. Hurley received retroactive payments to cover the time the VA spent determining his eligibility.

If you have questions about a federal agency, please contact the Orlando Regional Office by calling (407) 254-2573 to speak with a member of the Casework Department. The toll-free number for Florida residents is (866) 630-7106. To find out more about how my Office can help you, go to http://martinez.senate.gov or stop by one of our scheduled Community Office Hours in your area.

*Casework Corner is a real account of assistance provided to constituents. The names of those involved are changed to protect the privacy of the constituent.