Friday, May 02, 2008

American Cold War Veterans Meet in Washington D.C.


May 1 - CONGRESSIONAL BREAKFAST 7:30-8:30 - Room 902 of the Hart Senate Office Building



Congressman Joe Wilson (R) SC 02 spoke eloquently about the sacrifices made by Americans to win the Cold War and how appropriate it was to remember this on the anniversary of the old communist party worker holiday.

Congressman Joe Willson (R) SC Speaks to AMERICAN COLD WAR VETERANS

Also Senator Martinez Co-sponsored S.1097 Cold War Medal act
as ACWV members visited the offices of their Senators in force.

Dr. Frank Tims Receives Tims Freedom Team Salute Washington DC

ACWV Freedom Team Salute

Dr Frank Tims receives a US Army Freedom Team Salute from Director Col. David Griffith at the Hart Senate office Building at May 1st 2008 Cold War Day of Remembrance in Washington D.C.


Frank was honored for his tireless efforts to further the cause of those who have gone unrecognized for their service and sacrifice, the American Cold War Veterans. Franks efforts to bring respect, recognition and awareness to Veterans of the Cold War era are numerous and the fact we are here today in Washington is just one of them. Franks desire to see that the Cold Wars history is completely and accurately understood by people everywhere, and thus preserving a proud legacy for the future of the Army and the United States of America.