Sunday, May 18, 2008

Announcing Vets for Freedom PAC
Dear Vets for Freedom members:

Next week, Vets for Freedom will introduce Vets for Freedom PAC (VFFPAC), in order to help ensure that pro-mission candidates—Democrats and Republicans alike—are elected to the United States Congress. VFFPAC will endorse and offer extended support to combat veterans, and a select number of other candidates, who support victory in the Global War on Terrorism. Bottom Line: VFFPAC will support those who support victory—that is our only litmus test.

Vets for Freedom will continue to be America’s most influential voice for veterans of the Global War on Terror, and will continue to educate Americans on the importance of never surrendering to extremists. VFFPAC will work to actively support candidates who champion our mission. We have appealed to Congress for support – now it’s time to change Congress from the bottom up.

Look for an email early next week introducing the VFFPAC. We look forward to your continued support.

Move out and draw fire!