Monday, May 19, 2008


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Vietnam Vet and now writer turned published author, Tom Nolan stops by to discuss his funny and deadly serious biography: "Just a Walk in the Park" Visit Tom's website here:

If you thought you grew up in a strange family, wait until you meet the Nolans. In the jungles of Vietnam,Corporal Nolan shares his stories to his marine mates about how surviving his childhood prepared him for the hardships they encounter. Nolan grows up in a family the neighborhood learns to fear. Nolan's squad wonders which to fear more, his practical jokes or the enemy. These marines find humor as a coping strategy while mosquitoes, leeches, water buffalo, snakes, monkeys, and spiders join the cast of characters fighting a war some will not survive. The marines find the most important things are each other. The incredible adventures along the way are about a place and time most participants would rather forget.

A comedy with a bite, a war story unlike any you could imagine. Follow the misadventures as these marines stumble through each other on thier quest to live, with themselves and each other. Through thier stories about an outlandish family and outlandish war, freindship and laughter is the only means to another day. Laugh or cry, ride along as these marines experience a trip they still have a hard time believing themselves. Although Corporal Nolan never learns to love the mosquitoes, he does learn what it means to have a bond worth you life.

Support veterans, have you given one a hug lately (a handshake or thank you might work better)?

I have known Tom many years. He was my High School Football coach and a fishing buddy who has written a great book that captures a side of the Vietnam war that Hollywood never has.

I highly recommend you catch Tom's interview and read about his journey Just A Walk In The Park .

Sean Eagan

ACWV Public Affairs Director