Wednesday, October 14, 2009

exhibit at the Reagan Presidential Library showcases the end of the Cold War to a new generation

Updated 12:45 PM PDT, Wed, Oct 14, 2009
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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation in Simi Valley will open a new exhibit on Oct. 15, commemorating that historic event.

Several historical items relating to the end of the Cold War will be on display to the public, including:

The original Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
The original speech cards used by President Reagan to deliver his famous "Tear Down This Wall" speech on June 12, 1987.
The actual suit and cufflinks worn by President Reagan during his June 12, 1987, speech.
A U.S. Flag flown over Checkpoint Charlie, presented to President Reagan "on behalf of the dedicated Americans who have served Berlin since 1945."

Also former First Lady Nancy Reagan will host a luncheon on Nov. 6 with speeches from many people who worked in the Reagan administration during the 1980s.

20th Anniversary The Fall of the Berlin Wall

WATCH 20th Anniversary The Fall of the Berlin Wall
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation has also created a dedicated mini-site with historical materials, true stories of families separated by the Wall, and other educational items at

Tickets for the conference are $75 per person and include free admission into the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum and Air Force One Pavilion. Tickets can be purchased at For more information, call 805-522-2977