Friday, October 23, 2009

Video: How You Changed Government Forever - Paul Rieckhoff's MySpace Blog |

I'm writing from Washington, DC, and I have some big news.

The President just signed IAVA's number one legislative priority for the year into law- advance funding for VA healthcare. And it's all because of your support.

Click here to watch a quick video update I recorded at the White House before the signing ceremony, and find out how you played a huge role in today's victory.

The new law requires Congress to pass the VA healthcare budget one year in advance. It means no more rationed care for veterans- regardless of what year it is, or what party is in power. Period.

This is what we've been fighting for since January- and it's a huge win for veterans of all generations.

For the past ten months, you've played a crucial role in this historic process by calling Congress, forwarding emails, making donations, and recruiting others to join the fight. Click here to see how you contributed to this historic victory.

Last year, IAVA made passing a new GI Bill our number one priority. And because of you, we got it done. This year, we chose a new goal, and again, we got it done. You stepped up to the plate, and ensured that the VA will always have a budget that passes on time.

Click here to see how we won this fight together.

Thank you for standing with us.