Friday, October 09, 2009


First thoughts: He won what?

I don't know what has he done ? He is still fighting TWO shooting wars last I heard. He also backed down and sold us out by pulling the defensive missile program out Poland and Czechoslovakia . The veterans for peace guys are irate calling it a joke and so is everyone else across the political spectrum from left to right for different reasons. The Euro socialists must be giving him the you are not George Bush Prize yet the week before they gave him a public spanking with Chicago Olympic bid refusing to give the US any economic rewards for our policies of the last admin is how I figured it.

Seriously what has he really done to enhance and promote world peace? I hope he donates the prize money to the Treasury for his stimulus package. SNL had it right on Saturday he has done nothing yet but spend money. He might in the future be worthy of a Nobel Prize but right now its a sad joke that I hope doesn't cost the troops in Afghanistan the additional troops and logistics that have been requested. I just can't see him announcing he is sending 40,000 troops after this. It would seem to be a contradiction but then again the POTUS has been a walking contradiction lately

I just had to vent!! lol