Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cold War Times

The November 1 issue of the Cold War Times is now posted for viewing online at

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Cold War Museum,

It is hard to believe that The Cold War Times has been published quarterly for the past 10 years. During that time, The Cold War Museum has made great strides in honoring Cold War veterans, preserving Cold War history, and educating students about this unique part of world history.

The Cold War Museum Update

I am pleased to report that the building remodel is well underway at Vint Hill. Over the past six months we have been working diligently to prepare and submit our architectural plans and interior museum designs to Fauquier County for review during the permitting process. Even though design firm, Studio Ammons (, has completed the artist renditions as part of their $70,000 in-kind donation of architectural and design services, we need to continue with our fundraising efforts in order to be within budget for the museum build out. Now is the time I truly need your help and support. Please consider a year-end tax-deductible donation to The Cold War Museum. As a 501(c)(3) charity, donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.


The Cold War Museum
P.O. Box 861526
Vint Hill, VA 20187

In preparation for our new home, The Cold War Museum recently updated its website online at The website update was made possible by a grant from the Virginia Tourism Corporation ( and the redesign was done by C. Liston Communication (

Our most recent Public Service Announcement can be viewed online at --

Earlier this month The Cold War Museum received a JH Resolution from the Commonwealth of Virginia for our efforts to locate The Cold War Museum at Vint Hill. It was a great honor to be presented with the Resolution by Bruce Jamerson, Clerk of the House of Delegates, and L. Scott Lingamfelter, Delegate for the 31st District, who represents the Vint Hill area. The resolution can be found online at

Artifact Loans, Mobile Exhibit, and Spy Tours

The Cold War Museum continues to work with the Diefenbunker Museum in Ottawa, Canada, the Atomic Bunker in Harnekop, Germany, and the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC to display some of its artifacts until the Vint Hill site is ready. The mobile exhibit on the U-2 Incident, the "Spies of Washington Tour," and related educational activities continue to generate interest and support. The EAA Museum ( in Oshkosh, WI will host the mobile U-2 Incident exhibit through December 31, 2010. The educational Spy Tour of Washington ( is starting to book tours for the spring. Email for more info on the mobile exhibit schedule or to book a Spy Tour.

The Cold War Museum continues to expand its efforts through the creation of Museum Chapters staffed by volunteers. Visit for additional information. If you would like to help open up a museum chapter in your state or country, contact

Locating at Vint Hill is a very exciting development for The Cold War Museum. The Museum will fill a substantial void in the interpretation of post-WWII history. The Museum's goal of educating current and future generations about this critical period in international relations seeks to fulfill one of the most important tasks of the study of history, which will provide a tangible setting to explore this topic within historical contexts.

Please consider a year-end tax deductible contribution that will help us prepare for our new home. Your gift will ensure future generations remember Cold War events and personalities that forever altered our understanding of national security, international relations, and personal sacrifice for one's country. To make a contribution, please visit Together we can make this vision a reality. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Very truly yours,

Francis Gary Powers, Jr.
The Cold War Museum
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