Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Dear Comrades-Veterans,

At these I kindly ask your attention for the IMOSSPHINX (inter allied
military organisation/association) Belgium.
Who can join, all Nato allied active or post
active-veterans-regular-conscripts armed forces personal,male - female
.We meet twice a year for the annual festivities held at BREDENE
Branch Belgium,on the coast,on a weekend.
Except on special occasions we meet several times more but is not an
obligation to participate on all gatherings.
We have many expats - soldiers from al around the globe as
member.Especially a large participation from the
UK-Belgium-Netherlands and the USA.

Any one who joins is entitled for a medal in several categories for
proven service which is officially recognised by the Belgian

It's an old and long existing organisation. Because their internet
site is still under construction in three languages, you can read more
about their history on the attached brochure.
Many KOVOM members like myself have joined.Last annual meeting was
held on the 17-18 september. On that
specific occasion some members were decorated with a medal,me included
(see pictures).
The annual membership fee is only 11,00 euro . I personally can
recommend this association with their commitment,dignity,gratefulness
for soldiers/veterans.
If you want to have more information about IMOS or want to join, please contact: