Wednesday, October 06, 2010

DAV News Letter

Dear Sean,

Even as combat operations shut down in Iraq, our veterans are just beginning to feel the lifelong fallout from seven years of war in that land. And still, in Afghanistan, the fight goes on.

In this time of crisis, I'm so grateful that you support vital DAV service that reaches into the lives of these heroes.

For Our Disabled Defenders!
Arthur H. Wilson,
Disabled American Veterans

 A Day in the Life of a DAV Member
  Frank Richards lost two uncles in World War II before joining the Navy. When injury cut his Navy days short, Frank continued to serve back home—flying his Uncle Red's flag and serving as a DAV chapter commander. When Frank found his uncle's flag in shreds, three fellow veterans put things right.

Wally Tyson Named DAV National Commander
  Serving disabled vets for 25 years brought Wally Tyson to election as DAV National Commander. Wally knows what it means to overcome disability, cherishes the community he found in the DAV, and humbly insists: "I never had any idea I'd do something like this. But I'm not one to back down from a challenge."
VA Makes Benefits Application Easier
Sad Soldier   The Department of Veterans Affairs recently took a step to remove a roadblock for veterans applying for health care. By eliminating the signature requirement for vets who apply online, the VA spared disabled vets days, even weeks of waiting for care they need.
Vets in Need as Volunteer Numbers Dwindle
  Blind and retired, Rubin Martinez is one among thousands of vets across America who rely on DAV volunteers to drive them to medical appointments. But now fewer rides are available as volunteer numbers dwindle. Fill this alarming gap as you consider volunteering with the DAV!
The Real Work Begins Now!
  The end of combat in Iraq is only the beginning of DAV's commitment to the heroes who served there. For years to come, these men and women will need assistance as they learn to live with war's permanent scars. Take the first step down a long road of service with your gift of $45 ... $60 ... $75 or more to DAV today!

Still Not Taking Burn Pit Exposure Seriously

The DAV is determined to expose the dangers of toxic military burn pits, and the treatment Iraq War vet Tim Wymore received from the VA illustrates the crisis we face. The problem, says DAV's Dave Autry, stems from government reluctance to admit that it put heroes in harm's way.

Support DAV today!

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