Monday, September 26, 2011

The Cold War Times
Volume 11, Issue 3


Where Cold War History Lives

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The Cold War Times
Volume 11, Issue 3

In This Issue...

. A Message from Chairman John Welch

. Berlin Chapter is on the Move

. Midwest Chapter Finds a Home

. Doing His Job: A Cold War Submariner looks back

. Cold War Memories: Anyone Lose an F-106?

From the Editor: Observing the Cold War from Afar

since 1995

At an EAA AirVenture forum last month someone from the audience asked what was left of the Cold War. The Berlin Wall, erected 50 years ago this month (pictured above), was arguably the most notorious symbol of the era but long gone. Today there are few reminders of the Cold War around, save for perhaps Cuba, the 38th parallel, and some significant holdovers in Russia and China. But the audience was reminded that one large-scale Cold War relic continues to be used today: the United States Interstate system. The Cold War is still alive in our memories as well. We invite you to share your perspective in the Cold War Memories section, and consider submitting a Cold War article to enhance our publication.

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