Friday, September 23, 2011

We petition the Obama Administration to : Authorize Cold War Service Medal

We Need 5000 signatures by Oct 22 2011 for the White House to consider it

we petition the obama administration to:

Authorize and issue a Cold War Service Medal for all who served in the military during the Cold War.

We feel a Cold War Service Medal should be issued to all who served in the military during the Cold War.

The American Cold War Veterans have long fought for recognition, respect; and equal treatment for all veterans. We have had past support in Congress, but have yet to see it come to fruition.

Many lives were lost during this struggle to contain Communism and keep the world free, on missions that still remain secret.!/petition/authorize-and-issue-cold-war-service-medal-all-who-served-military-during-cold-war/G9gdyvnV?

Sean P Eagan

Former Chairman American Cold War Veterans
Life Member Veterans of Foreign Wars
716 720-4000

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