Saturday, December 17, 2011

Army MEDEVAC Choppers Travesty

Why are MEDEVAC helicopters (commonly called "Dustoffs"), carrying our wounded troops to safety in Afghanistan, being put at enormous risk by the U.S. Army? Why is the Geneva Convention cited by them for their actions? With every second precious when soldiers are wounded, it is a travesty that the Army will not change its policy concerning these choppers.

First, a little background about what the Army is doing to make evacuations more dangerous. Michael Yon is a freelance combat photojournalist who has been embedded in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last six years. In his latest dispatches from Afghanistan, he has alerted the world about the Army's refusal to arm their MEDEVAC helicopters with machine guns and to get rid of the red crosses on them. Since every minute counts, it is ridiculous that these helicopters are delayed waiting for armed chop

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