Thursday, January 12, 2012

Healthcare at your fingertips


It's 7pm. You're sitting at home and suddenly it occurs to you that you forgot to call your doctor to schedule an appointment.  Don't worry, My HealtheVet has you covered 24/7.  As a My HealtheVet user, VA patients can refill prescriptions, view upcoming appointments, view lab results, and even send a message to their doctor asking about that appointment you forgot to call about.  It's health care made easy, all online.   


My HealtheVet is a one-stop shop to help Veterans manage their health online.  Features include:

·         Refill VA prescriptions online

·         View VA Appointments

·         Send Secure Messages to health care providers

Note:  Health care teams have three business days to respond to messages. This is to be used for non-urgent matters. 

·         View personal VA Wellness Reminder

·         View lab results

·         Track health and more!


How can Veterans signup to use these features?

1.       Veterans must register online at

2.       Veterans must visit their VA Medical Center or their local VA Clinic, present a photo ID, and sign a one-page form to complete the in-person authenticated step.  Once Veterans register and become authenticated, they will have easy access to all the features listed above.  (See the User Guide for more information.) The purpose of the one-time IPA process is to verify the Veteran's identity in-person.


That's health care at your fingertips.  It's available anytime, and anywhere you have access to a computer.


If you live in the Erie area, call 814-860-2097 for more information or visit



Sarah Gudgeon

Public Affairs Specialist/My HealtheVet Coordinator

Erie VA Medical Center

814-860-2097 (office)

440-506-1437 (cell)

  Visit us on Facebook!

Thank you Sarah for the guest post. If you have not signed up yet for My HealtheVet I strongly encourage you to try it. I have used it since it's inception and I cannot think of anywhere else  you can get this kind of service and it is free.
Sean P Eagan

Former Chairman American Cold War Veterans
Life Member Veterans of Foreign Wars
716 720-4000

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