Friday, October 12, 2012

Veterans COLA Update

COLA Watch

The Veterans Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) bill was cleared by the House in July and is now pending in the Senate. The COLA, which provides an annual increase in disability compensation, pension, and dependency and indemnity compensation for survivors, is based on the Social Security and CPI index. The amount of the increase has not been calculated but the Congressional Budget Office estimates it to be about 1.3 percent. It would be the same for military retirees and Social Security recipients. The increase is designed to offset inflation and other factors that lead to the rising cost of living. Congress is expected to return the week of November 13 to finish pending issues, including the COLA and several other critical veterans benefit bills.

From Oct 12th VFW Washington Weekly

Watching to see if the COLA gets caught up in partisan election year politics. Members of Congress beware : If  you vote against our Veterans you will be held accountable at the ballot box



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