Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Vote to value our veterans needs

The GOP applicant for the position of commander-in-chief thought it beneath him to mention our troops and veterans in his convention speech, yet he wants to create more veterans through adventures in Iran and elsewhere. Meanwhile, his running mate wants to cut funding to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency that takes care of our wounded heroes and their families, by 13 percent. Veterans have a far higher rate of unemployment than the general population, yet the GOP just killed a veterans jobs bill that they wrote.

Meanwhile, the current administration has improved access to health care and services for our heroes, worked to improve the lives of homeless veterans, increased educational benefits, and has had our "6" since day one. Democrats have done more for our troops and vets in 3 1/2 years than the previous administration did in eight.

The situation in the statehouse is no different, with the Democratic Party fulfilling the promises made to our vets, while the GOP seems to feel that their wearing of flag lapel pins is sufficient.

You can vote for President Obama and the Democratic Party, or you can vote to leave your buddies behind.

Joe Stutler


I agree with Joe. From opinion page at Iowa Gazette http://thegazette.com/2012/10/09/vote-to-value-our-veterans-needs/ 


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