Sunday, June 24, 2007


Legislative Update - June 25, 2007

In the FY 2008 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed by the House is a provision, SEC 556 COLD WAR VICTORY MEDAL. The Senate version does not include a Cold War Medal, but S.1097 "The Cold War Medal Act of 2007" is very much alive, and our greatest need is for enough cosponsors to show that it is the will of the Senate (and yes, I did deliver all the letters to Senators while I was at the Capitol - thanks to all of you who wrote)..

Options now: 1) We ask DOD to support this medal; 2) we get COSPONSORS FOR S.1097 ASAP and make a strong push for inclusion in the NDAA, 3) try for a floor amendment during Senate debate, and 4) push for a Cold War Medal to emerge from House-Senate conference. The best insurance we can get is to get cosponsors and pledges of strong support from our senators. Each of you has to try and get your two senators to cosponsor S.1097. We have to take all of these options seriously at this time. I will handle option 1, trust me on this. Sean is getting the petition bound for presentation to SECDEF Gates' office. I have sent a message to DOD through one channel and am working on another, so I am asking all of you to work your senators NOW.

Debate on the NDAA in the Senate will likely take place in July, since the immigration bill is front and center at this time. So we have a window of perhaps 2 weeks to push for Senate action on S.1097, and demonstrate that this legislation has enough support that a Cold War Medal can emerge in the 2008 NDAA.

Regarding floor amendment, we only push for this if we have enough support. That is why cosponsors for S.1097 are so very important.

Trust me on this, I am also in communication with DOD asking them to support a Cold War Medal, but we REALLY NEED two cosponsors from EACH STATE to get this thing moving. Clinton and Collins (Democrat and Republican, respectively) are sponsors of S.1097. NOW, we need Snowe and Schumer (NY), ffice:smarttags" />Martinez and Nelson (FL), Chambliss and Isakson (GA), Inouye and Akaka (HI), Warner and Webb (VA), and ALL THE OTHER SENATORS to sign on as cosponsors of S.1097. If we can show solid support for S.1097 - or for a floor amendment in the Senate - we can win this time. The only way to get 2 senators per state is for those who live in those states to e-mail, telephone, fax, and ask, ask, ask, urge, point out how important this is, that it has been repeatedly introduced in Congress since 1997 and now is the time to show support.

Tell them the certificate is inadequate, and about to be discontinued anyway (sunsets 2008). Point out that a single day of civilian service during the Cold War earns the certificate, and the men and women who protected America in uniform deserve more than a piece of paper.

Now, many will say "I support," but we need hard support, strong support -- co sponsorship. If there are enough cosponsors for S.1097, we may be able to get a floor amendment in the Senate during debate of the NDAA - think what that will mean!!!

LET'S WORK ON COSPONSORS FOR S.1097, The Cold War Medal Act of 2007. Let's get solid support in the Senate!!!