Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cold War Veterans Ten Commandments

In response to the Popes new 10 Commandments on driving our N.H. State Director Glen Talon
has issueed a Cold War Veterans 10 Commandments .

WOW Frank do we wish to shame the Pope whom only has the ten commandments of driving by issueing the Ten Commandments of Cold War Vets?

1 Thou shall not claim they were never shot at some were

2 Thou shall not claim they had no loses they did

3 Thou shall not claim they are undeserving of merit

4Thou shall not claim they served any less or more than fellow veterans (all gave some Some Gave All)

5 Thou shall not claim it was peacetime (see # 1&2)

6 Thou shall not use declared war as an reason to shun Korea,Viet-Nam or Cold War Vets or those in actions with out a declared war

7 Thou shall not use covert actions to shun or hide those whom gave all

8 Thou shall not shun familys of the lost

9 Thou shall not demean,belittle any veterans service (they showed up)

10 Thou shall support,care for and remember all veterans(even the jailed and homeless)

This was the best I could come up with in short time bet you folks can make vast improvements so feel free to !