Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The liberty Report

Liberty Report

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The USS Liberty after incident with Isreali Defense Forces (IDF)
in 1967.

Response to this Post

I just want to tell you great post. My CWVA Boss Legislative Dr. Frank Tims just attended the Liberty Reunion in D.C. this weekend and tonight we had a long discussion about this subject .

People need to be reminded of this incident. The bravery of the Men, but maybe more importantly the shameful fact that the truth was never disclosed and even now these families suffer on May 1st we had a meeting in Washington and one of the widows of the men on the liberty and a retired Col. spoke at length about the liberty incident and the passion they have to fight for justice and the public disclosure of what really happened was inspiring . To them the Liberty might as well have been attacked 40 days ago instead of 40 years that fact became profoundly clear as I listened to them speak. We must never let our govt. behave in this manner ever again and as "Captain" Morgan said "Telling the truth is a part of being honorable. It's time to testify the truth..."

Sean P. Eagan

Northeast Zone Director

Cold War Veterans Association

CWVA NY 716-708-6416
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