Monday, June 04, 2007


Should VA Secretary Nicholson hire veterans to staff the VA?

TOPIC: Veteran confidence in the VA is at its lowest level since the VA was established in the last century. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson has promised reform but many veterans believe Nicholson has, to date, failed. The majority of veterans believe that the VA would better serve veterans if more veterans were employed by the VA, particularly now and in the near electoral future since fewer military veterans hold seats in Congress than any time since the end of World War One when the Department of Veterans Affairs was created.The following survey MUST be responded to at this website:

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SURVEY QUESTIONS (http://home. veterans/ vahire.htm):

1/7. Should the Secretary of Veterans Affairs submit a formal request to Congress for approval to bypass or amend Civil Service new-hire statutes to obtain hiring preference for Honorably Discharged military veterans?

2/7. Should the Secretary of Veterans Affairs submit a formal request to the President and Commander-in- Chief for an Executive Order permitting the Department of Veterans Affairs to give hiring preference to Honorably Discharged military veterans?

3/7. Should VA rentention bonuses be eliminated?

4/7. Once upon a time 90 percent of American professionals (doctors, lawyers, judges, etc.) could proudly boast former employment with retailers such as Sears Roebuck. Montgomery Wards or J.C. Penney either during their youth, while attending college, or entering the work force immediately after military service ... but fewer than one-tenth of one percent of American veterans have obtained employment with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Do the non-veteran, Civil Service Union employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs discriminate against military veterans applying for employment?

5/7. In your opinion, would the Department of Veterans Affairs serve American veterans more efficiently and more respectfully if the majority of VA staffers and employees were military veterans?

6/7. Are you a member of a Congressionally chartered veterans organization?

7/7. Have the Congressionally chartered veterans organizations failed American veterans by not placing more veterans on the staff and employment rolls of the Department of Veterans Affairs?

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