Thursday, January 10, 2008

IAVA News Bulletin

Dear Sean,

Success - Click here to learn moreGreat news. We just learned that the President is planning to approve an additional $3.7 billion in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs. We're expecting him to make it official sometime tomorrow.

Until now, no one knew whether the President was going to approve this critical funding. Previously, he had said he would support getting the money to the VA. But with the deadline just days away, time was running out. So last Thursday, along with nine other leading veterans organizations, IAVA signed a letter to the President urging him to approve the funding. You can read it here.

We've been following this issue since December, and many of you helped us keep the pressure on by writing letters to the editors of your local newspapers. A lot of you put time and effort into this, and I'd say $3.7 billion is a great result to show for your work.

This money doesn't represent irresponsible spending - it's funding that is desperately needed to battle a backlog of 600,000 VA claims, and to pay for research into medical conditions like Traumatic Brian Injury.

So to all of you who supported these efforts by contributing over the past several months, or by writing letters over the past few days - thank you. Once again, we have shown that committed Americans really can make a difference for our country's newest generation of veterans.



Todd Bowers
Iraq Veteran
Director of Government Affairs
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Additional Resources
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