Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Senator Reed on Cold War Medal

From: jack@reed.senate.gov
Subject: Response From Senator Jack Reed
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 13:11:03 -0400

Dear Mr. --------:

Knowing of your interest in the Cold War Victory Medal, I write to update you on the SenateĆ¢€™s consideration of this matter.

As you may know, the House of Representatives’ version of the FY2008 Defense Authorization legislation, H.R. 1585, contained a provision which would order the Department of Defense to create and award Cold War Victory Medals. The medal would be awarded to any service member who served or trained between 1945 and 1991. The Department of Defense has objected to such a medal, primarily due to the potential cost involved. Although the Senate version did not include a similar provision, a Senate-House of Representatives Conference Committee will be convened to reconcile the differences between these bills.

As a West Point graduate and a former company commander in the 82nd Airborne Division, I understand the dedication and sacrifices men and women in uniform make to serve our country.

Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind as the Senate considers military awards in the 110th Congress, and do not hesitate to write, call, or visit my website, www.reed.senate.gov, in the future for information regarding this or any other matter


Jack Reed
United States Senator

To send another message please visit my website at www.reed.senate.gov/form-opinion.htm and fill out the webform for a prompt response. Thank you.

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