Thursday, January 17, 2008

McCain Swiftboated by Group Called Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain

Who they are I do not know, I find this type of politic despicable. Their Website quotes Ross Perot and Adm. Stockdale on a reported Senate Report 103-1 POW / MIA’S REPORT OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON POW / MIA AFFAIRS . Anyone can publish a website but this is venomous garbage just my opinion. I hope South Carolina voters can see that.and reject this kind of attack .

Take a look decide for yourself


  1. Sean,

    I hate to burst your bubble but even putting aside what McCain might or moght not have done while in captivity in Vietnam, none of that allows him to do what he did when his military life ended and his political one began.

    He has turned his back on those almost 2,000 military servicemen who were left behind in Vietnam. He behavior during the 1992 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs was well documented in the hearing records. His legislative history against anything that supported the POW/MIA Issue and their families is also well documented in congressional records.

    Someone needs to explain why a former POW would NOT support families who fate in Vietam was worse than his ... Knowing what he has done, I can't imagine anyone wanting to vote for him.

    If you want the truth - don't ask McCain or even Ted Sampley or Jerry Kiley - ask a POW/MIA Family Member ... ask me.

  2. Marc,

    Thanks for the comment I would love to hear about how govt has treated you and your family. As for McCain I am not a supporter I just do not like the man being attacked like that I just think it is dirty politics.



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