Saturday, January 19, 2008

We can not stop the fight. So once again I am asking that you email this letter to both of your senators. Copy it, go to the website for your senators follow the link for contact me/email, fill out the information needed, paste it in the box change the name to your senator and sign your name. Our Cold War Veterans and I thank you for your help.

Jerry Terwilliger

Dear Senator Levin,

Will you ignore our country's veterans? Can you say no to a Cold War Medal? Do we have to wait another year?
The provision for a Cold War Victory Medal was taken out of the NDAA 2008 in the House/Senate conference.

The American Cold War Veterans, as a VSO speaking for all veterans need your assistance. Time is growing short for this session. Time that should not be squandered.

Our Cold War Veterans know the importance and urgent need of our active duty and reserve military fighting in Iraq and Afghanstan. We feel the pain and suffering of our wounded warriors. We support the families of those who paid the ultimate price.
The U.S. Military is the best in the wrold, and must continue to be so. The American Cold War Veterans wish that all war could be eliminated forever.

Our brave men and women place their lives on the line every day.
Do not forget that the Cold War warriors also put their lives on the line. They served in places far from home, under sometimes harsh and dangerours conditins.
Lasting from Sept. 1945 to Dec 1991, our longest war had many "hot spots", Korea, Vietnam, the Congo, Cuba and many more.
Many lives were lost as our planes were shot down, ships attacked, ground forces attacked. These men and women served with honor and dignity and valor.

It is for our fallen brothers and sisters in arms that we are seeking this medal. Not for us, but for those who died serving our country.
Therefore we ask that you take the step forward, and help honor these veterans. The passage of time will dim the memory, even today people tend to forget the danger, the possibility of all out nuclear war.

So we ask that now you become a cosponsor of S.1097 The Cold War Medal Act 2007, and then vote for passage of this bill. A small token of appreciation from our country to these deserving veterans. Taking a line from the song "We didn't start the fire,..No we didn't light but we tried to fight it."

Please find it in your heart to help the country remember and recognize our Cold War Veterans.
S.1097 The Cold War Medal Act 2007 should be passed this year. As each year passes, there are fewer veterans left. Let this be the year that our country remembers and honors our veterans.


Jerald Terwilliger, Treasurer
American Cold War Veterans

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