Friday, January 04, 2008


VA Claims Processing is Mentally Destructive to Most Veterans.

Political Things You Should Know.

If you think everything that deals with the VA and Veterans is not connected to politics, then why is it the congress, president, secretary of the VA and even the supreme court has to get involved prior to any changes?

Veterans are a political football and its time you called your own plays!


Instead of using the 25,000 paid and volunteer service representatives that file claims on behalf of Veterans, and then submit them to 5,000 VA claim reviewers who deny the claim because of a date or grammatical error... Which only causes additional man hours of handling and shipping the claim folders around the country... And creates anxiety in Veterans.

An average of over 40 hours is spent by the Veteran in preparing, requesting, explaining, getting affidavits and additional medical records for each claim, followed by the representative organization filling out forms packaging and preparing the file to go to the VA for review...

Followed by months of waiting for the VA to respond to the claim to say what is missing or needed in the claim before they can review it...

The simple solution is to have the Veteran appear with an appointment in front of a VA reviewer? The VA reviewer can then look at the file and tell the Veteran what the records say they are entitled to and what they are not. The VA reviewer could also "assist" the Veteran by telling them what they need to complete a claim or file for a higher rating.

For anything the Veteran already qualifies for, could now be signed off by the reviewer with positive results and no waiting.

Even if the appointment takes two hours, this would save a hundred man hours, thousands of dollars and months of waiting for a reply on every claim. If the Veteran failed to get their claim through, they will know it right then and there, then they can set an appointment for later on when they have the additional documentation requested by the reviewer, which would satisfy the requirements for the claim.

Currently there are 1,500,000 backlogged claims. If only 20 hours was cut from the processing of these claims, it would save seven million man hours, which is about six hundred and forty two years.

This new system would cut down all the middle people that handle the files prior to ever seeing a reviewer. It cuts down the transport time from one agency to another. It saves the taxpayers millions of dollars in man hours wasted, processing, shipping and transportation costs... It will remove the frustration, anger and the feeling of betrayal by our Veterans from our government.

But the most important item, is it will allow the Veteran to have their claim filed and reviewed in a most timely manner.

Send this page to every politician, Veteran organization and all the friends you know. Show them there can be a simple solution to the boondoggle the VA and the govt has created.

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