Saturday, September 05, 2009

American Cold War Veterans question to SECDEF Robert Gates took the top spot for questions !

The group I belong to {ACWV} after years of fighting to get the Cold War Victory Medal addressed found to our surprise it received 84% of the vote for the top question to be asked the SECDEF Robert Gates { A Cold War Warrior Himself } would he approve the CWVM ,for sometime now Cold War Veterans have had to be content on the Cold War Certificate over the { once approved } CWVM the former SECDEF Rumsfeld made a choice and passed the medal over and approved the certificate for use for both Civil and Military use.

This is just a small step to honoring the lost as well those who served the era and hopes are high that it may lead to its being brought to life and awarded for those serving { September 1945 to December 1991 } while this is an extreme long shot it is a hint of life in the decade long goal of Cold War Vets.