Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dissent was called "patriotic" by liberal Democrats during the Bush years. Now, we are told it's "racist."

Blog owners note: found this on google thought I would share it. Joe Wilson has been a great friend to American Cold War Veterans speaking at our breakfast in DC in 2008. He has been vilified for his dissent in alarming way I believe. It might not have been the most appropriate forum when this comment shouting incident happened but the visceral attacks he has endured in its aftermath has been shockingly loud and mean spirited . The race card part of this incessant nasty chirping has been the most laughable and probably the most transparent. I guess when the left is attacking a white Congressman from S.C. its on the first page of the playbook . This is still the good ole USA not good ole USSR last time I checked there was a little thing called free speech and if you want to say his conduct was rude and disrespectful to the President that is fine but taking a leap to calling him a racist is ridiculous. All the left has done has made Rep. Wilson a hero in his own party with their over the top reaction. I hear he might be a Presidential candidate in 2012 now. I hope he does run it will be interesting to see especially if the Obama admin. is ineffective. Enjoy this little letter to the editor from and give a quick read.

Dissent was called "patriotic" by liberal Democrats during the Bush years. Now, we are told it's "racist."

We abandon our NATO Allies, and embrace our enemies who seek to exact revenge for Cold War losses.

Rep. Joe Wilson was wrong to shout his outburst at President Barack Obama in that forum. But his message was on target. The president is still lying about the costs and taxes of health care.

Also troubling is his hesitation to support the troops in Afghanistan. Obama campaigned that this was the good war. He continually drove home the point we should pull out of Iraq and focus on Afghanistan, even saying we should invade Pakistan, our ally. Now he balks at the military commanders' request for more troops.

I can now understand my father's frustration, a Vietnam veteran, with President Lyndon Johnson's decision in Vietnam.

Johnson was too influenced by the lies of media elites, like Walter Cronkite, and the lies of the Tet offensive. More perplexed than Americans were the North Vietnamese leaders who thought all was lost for their cause after their Tet failure.

Will history repeat itself? Will Obama pull "an LBJ" on Afghanistan?

Joe Tuohy