Monday, September 14, 2009

With voting about to close in hours Secretary Gates looks like he will have to field the Cold War victory medal Question

What question would you like the Secretary to answer?
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Secretary Gates: Are you in favor of, and will you issue a Cold War Victory Medal this Year?85.7%
Would you support a Europe Defense Service Medal to recognize those who served in the front line of freedom from 1945-1991?44.6%
What are the strategic military goals in Afghanistan and how do they support the US national goals?33.9%
Should the US Navy be tasked with dealing with pirates? If so, then what modifications need to be made so that the US Navy can effectively control the pirate threat?33%
What retaliation are you willing to use against the D.P.R.K. if they ever use nuclear weapons?32.8%
With the overwhelming flood of illegals crossing the boarder, shouldn't we be a lot more concerned with who exactly is getting across?30.6%
What is the plan for Afghanistan?30.5%
How are plans going to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility?28.8%
What is the biggest threat facing the U.S.?28%
Why is the US Army planning to close Mannheim and Heidelberg and move major units to Wiesbaden, moves and new construction that will cost in excess of a billion dollars and will move Soldiers and families to inferior and less secure facilities?26%
Dear Secretary Gates, Will you please consider extending the eligibility dates for award of the National Defense Service Medal to all Cold War veterans? Thank you.25.8%
Can America cope with the vulnerabilities due to active military presence in fighting terrorism on all fronts, with the recession still lingering and Obama's domestic fight for health-care reform? And if so: what are the resources in the long run?25%
Mr Secretary would you please honor American Cold War Veterans by joining our group, thank you for your service. PNV23.7%
In a recent press conference, Secretary Gates dodged a question about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Are their currently operations underway in search for him? Is he still a high priority target?23.5%
How does the Defense Department and State Department coordinate their efforts? And how often do you and Secretary Clinton directly interact to coordinate your efforts?22.2%
With calls for less weapon systems and expectations of budgets to shrink, are there any plans for the Department to push for more Joint Service programs and acquisitions?21%
How is the DoD preparing a forward looking military that can meet the challenges of operating in theaters like Africa amid a presidential call to reduce military spending by upwards of 25%?20%
Why are private companies providing foreign embassy protective services and how are contractors protected by the Geneva Conventions and military host nation agreements?19.7%
After the 5 questions are selected for Secretary Gates' response, who will answer the remaining questions - most seem valid, and need responses?19%
With the rising cost of medical care, what plans does the Department have in motion to ensure our military members continue to get the best possible medical care?16.5%
Is it fair to say that in recent years (especially after the 2007 surge) the U.S. military has sacrificed potential achievement of goals in Iraq and Afghanistan by putting too much emphasis on humanitarian efforts and the rules of engagement?14.8%
Isn't it right that we employ more nationals than foreigners in bases that we've leased from foreign countries? There is a public outcry in Djibouti about our base there because we employ less of them and rather employ people from Philippines.14.5%
How drastically do you expect our healthcare benefits to erode over the next 20 years for retirees?14.5%
Secretary Gates: Are you in favor of re-instating the draft and could you reference any recent articles/reports regarding the draft? Thank you.14.3%
Mr. Secretary, In Helmand Province in Afghanistan, when will the Marines get help for community government, hospitals, and schools that has been promised by our government and by the government of Afghanistan for the Afghan people?13%
Why can't all veteran children use their GI bill, and not just the one after 911. If the veteran paid into the GI bill for 12 months the money should go to their children or be returned to the children.12%
Mr. Secretary when military medals and awards are created, why is there a retroactive date, shouldn't the medal or award be awarded to all veterans that meet the criteria. Are we forgetting about our past veteran's that have paved the way?11.8%
What exactly are the current rules of engagement in Afghanistan for US forces?11.6%
Do you feel that we are spread too thin throughout the world & we are inadequately defended at home?11.1%
Secretary Gates: Would you support the establishment of a Special Assingment Medal similar to the Navy SSBN for Military Personnel who served in Europe on active Nike Hercules Missile sites?10.7%
Secretary Gates: are there any opportunities available for people over 35 to contribute to the defense of our country?10.5%
When will the U.S. have a fully functional antimissile shield?10.3%
What must be achieved to claim "Victory" or "Mission Accomplished" in our Afghanistan War and bring our troops home?10.2%
Mr. Secretary Why is the Housing, PX and MWR facilities in Afghanistan not to the same standard as in Kuwait or Iraq. We have been here for 8 years and no support from anyone for the much needed improvements in the land of stick and stones.10%
Dear Secretary Gates: Why haven't the Soldiers of The U.S. Army Air Defense Command (ARADCOM)ever awarded a Medal of their own. They served with distinqtion and protected this nation like no other. Thank you9.7%
With the addition of another Combat Aviation Brigade to RC South in Afghanistan how do you plan to keep up this pace of deployments for Army Aviation Brigades.9.6%
I am wondering why Reserve soldiers don't have any privileges if they are attached to an overseas Unit unless they are on Drill or activated. It doesn't make sense, since they live in Germany, have an ID card, but don't get Military privileges!9.3%
What has happened to the previous emphasis on stopping drugs from coming over our border?9.1%
In light of recent events with military doctors specificly the case of the airman who has lost both his legs form a surgical mishap, what is the Department of Defense doing to hold these doctors accoutnable for their actions?8.9%
If a Servicemember is deployed and their spouse goes to an area, to be close to family for example, where Tricare Prime is not available, why couldn't Tricare Prime cover Servicemembers and their families where ever they are?8.8%
Why was the GI Bill not retro for all vetrans who served regardless of when they served or which war they served in ?8.1%
What can the DoD do to ensure the debt owed to every service member or survivor in the USA, USAF, USN, USMC, or USCG who was KIA, MIA, or disabled is respectfully supported for the remainder of their life?8.1%
In March 2009, you ordered to begin phasing out the Stop-Loss Policy. What are your thoughts on potentially phasing out the use of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), which similarly, results in "involuntary" active service obligation.8%
Will the Secretary support the States' governors and Adjutants General's policy of "contiguous mobilization"?7.8%
Why don't we buy time slots of national television channels in foreign countries where we have bases and promote our message? There is a lot of misinformation about us that we want to occupy their countries.7.8%
Why was the GI Bill nt retro to Gulf War Vets. We were in a war also and ourbenifits were limited to 10 years. Our benifits were lost.7.6%
With the decline of US operations in Iraq, is the role of the US now a advisory and PSD for personnel with in the unit?7.3%
Does the DOD plan on revising the "Don't ask Don't tell policy?7.3%
What do you see for the future of the Air Force? Combining back with the Army or staying its own. cut backs on oversees bases.7.3%
Why are troops advised of their Article 31 (b) rights in connection with escalation of force investigations and then penalized if they exercise them?7.2%
Does DOD plan to implement realistic and attainable metrics for our forces that accomplish our strategic goals without the continued use of our troops as IED fodder? If so, what are they?7%
Some years ago research and development was undertaken on a new battle rifle designated the XM8. Is there any chance this project might be resurrected and this rifle placed in production for our troops?6.8%
What about GULF WAR Vets? It has been 18 - 15 years There has been no considerations for the War that we faught and now are in our 40's with no benifits.6.8%
The new Army ASU Class B uniform makes us look like "mall cops" and not soldiers, who approved this ugly uniform?6.7%
Is Walter Reed still on the BRAC closure list?6.4%
Is there any official program in place to recoup any portion of the expenses of fighting the war in Iraq from the oil revenues of that country?6.2%
The military has been known for technological advances, such as the internet. Why do we not put the military machine into developing a practical alternative fuel source?6.1%
How much does the United States expend on national defense?5.9%
I served my country for 20 plus years. I retired in 2005. I served for 48 month safter 9/11. Why can I not transfer my GI bill to my children? It is called the post 9/11 GI bill not the post 9/11 unless your retired GI bill.5.9%
If, the Osprey are dangerous, and susceptible to problems caused by fine sand then why would they be sent into war situations where there might be sand, wind etc. How do we protect the kids in them ?5.9%
There are several examples of social network usage on this DOD website, so why have the Marines denied use of these communication tools? Thank you.5.7%
Since Mr. Tobias said NSPS is broken and needs to be reworked from the ground up, will the 200,000 employees in this broken system be left in it?5.6%
Why is the VA refering vets with severe medical problems to a pamphlet that tells them to consider death as an option?5.6%
Why would the Department of Defense want to continue with the National Security Personnel System when the data shows it is discriminatory in nature and this discrimination may exist inherently in the design?5.4%
The metrics for DTS show almost 50% of users selected DTS strongly agree that DTS does not meet their travel needs. DTS hasm negatively impacted my job on 3 occasions. Why has this trend continued?5.1%
When are we going to leave all the lawyers at home and let the commanders on the ground make thier own decisions and conduct some WAR.5.1%
Why was the F-22 discontinued?4.9%
Secretary Gates what is the DODs plan on equiping Air National Guard units that preform Air Defense with new figthers? The Air Force line is we are working on it but no information is becoming available.4.9%
Why is it so difficult to get technology solutions that solve security issues that exist today in front of the right decision makers?4.8%
What plan, if any, is in place for the Department of Defense to meet the 3% requirement for awarding Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)set-aside contracts?4.8%
Do you any plans in place to serve and protect The Constitution. There are domestic enemies now at work in Washington who are anti-American.4.8%
Mr. Secretary have you looked into or researched how much it would save to have all the services work a 4 day work week. Personally I know most military members work 10 hour days every week already.4.6%
When are the rules for the Homeowners Assistance Program extended plan going to be published so assistance can start flowing?4.6%
Secretary Gates, Instead of chasing terrorists from country to country, isn't it a better plan to keep our military home and build a powerful resistance to any threat that may face the U.S.? It seems to work for China.4.3%
Sir, What would prevent you from increasing support for, and then taking more advantage of, cost saving citizen based resources like the Civil Air Patrol to support domestic SAR, DoHS Recon and related humanitarian services here in the US?4%
As former DCI and the only person to attain that position from entry level analyst, what advice do you have for college bound students hoping to become analysts for DoD, or any part of the IC for that matter?4%
Why DoD workers doing the same jobs with contractors, have to pay tax while working in SWA.3.7%
Why does the Air Force/ACC block on base govt access to the Pentagon Channel?3.5%
Mr Secretary Gates an international team of scientists has found a highly sophisticated explosive called nanothermite in 9/11 dust and published the findings in a peer reviewed paper. - do you have any intention of investigating this further?3.5%
We currently have two civilian personel systems, the previous civil service program and NSPS. When will all the DoD civilian employees be either in one program or the other? Please answer that NSPS will be terminated!3.5%
I just had to extend 9 months past my 20 year active duty mark, in order to transfer my GI Bill to my dependents, do you think that's fair?3.2%
Why would the US Govt use a employees credit report to establish their suitability for employment.3.2%
Why is the DOD forcing civilian DOD employees in overseea area to return back to United States after 5 years of employment.3.2%
Why is there no localized toll free customer complaint line for people to call if they find that our soldiers misbehave in any foreign sovereign country. This could improve our image dramatically.3.2%
When will the final Social Media policy be released.3.2%
Secretary Gates, are the US Navy NWUs really worth the effort and cost- What purpose will they actually serve when they cannot be worn in desert and forest environments- the locations where we are currently fighting wars?3%
do you watch the Pentagon Channel, and if you do, what do you watch and what do you think of it?2.9%
Would you consider starting a Twitter feed like Admiral Mullen?2.9%
When is Grand Forks AFB, Grand Forks, ND scheduled to close and the refueling wing , aircraft & personnel rotated to other ARW's under BRAC?2.9%
The BAH rules of the 9/11 GI Benefits Bill discriminate against students who were forced by deployments to online colleges, challenge the disabled and are in direct opposition to the President's vision of a "Green" future. Please explain.2.7%
Secretary Gates: Why doesn't the U.S. pay Nato militaries to fight along side of us instead of putting all of our money into Afghanistan where the government is questionable and the Taliban will eventually reap the rewards of our generosity?2.7%
When will the contracting community see a telaradiology medical schedule for servicing our military servicemen and women?2.7%
When will yo let RE CODE 4 people backinto the military? We want to server and we should be able to especially if we were honorably discharged.2.4%
Why is it impossible to reach an Officer with proper Authority to answer questions in getting help, when working out in the Field - regarding health, safety, security, and need of new I.D.?2.2%
Do DoD policy about race discrimination applied in SWA? If so, why a white GS9 on leave can assign a white WG10 to replace him, instead of a different color skin GS9?1.6%
When is DMA going to use IPTV?1.5%
Sir: I just retired as a public school teacher 32 years. I have three credentials 1. Social Sciences. 2 Spanish 3. Cultural . I am in perfect health. May I apply to work for DIA ? Thank you Joseph1.3%
I have been married to a retired military serviceman for 29 years and am getting a divorce, I am entitled to half of his military retirement.0.8%